Personal Tax T1

Generally all individuals must file their personal taxes on annual basis. Our Goal is to help each client individually to get maximum refund or minimize their tax liability by claiming each and every deduction legally possible. Last date for filing personal tax return is April 30th. If you or your spouse or common-law partner is self employed, then last date for filing tax return is June 15th. To avoid penalty file your tax return before the due date. However, to avoid paying interest, the balance owing must be paid on or before April 30th.

Corporate Tax T2

A corporation is separate legal entity from its owner, It can enter in to contracts and own property in its own name. It has to pay tax on its own income, and therefore must file its own tax return. Generally every corporation carrying on business in Ontario through a permanent establishment must file a T2 Corporation Tax Return with CRA, no latter than 6 months after the end of the tax year. We help our clients with their bookkeeping & accounting, preparing financial statements and corporation taxes. We also provide free consultation for new start up, help incorporation of business, getting Business Number, HST, Payroll and WSIB numbers

Estate & Trust Tax T3

When the taxpayer dies, the executors has to file not only the final T1 tax return for the deceased person up to the date of death but also they may have to file T3 tax return for the estate. An estate’s tax year begins the day after the person dies and continues for one year. Any income earned in the estate is reported on the T3 tax return and is set off against available deductions and exemptions. Income earned in the estate could be capital gain, interest or dividends. If the estate continue for many years, a T3 return has to be filed every year. When the estate is wound up and all of the assets have been distributed to the beneficiaries, the executors should request a clearance certificate TX19 from CRA to show that all the taxes owing has been paid.

Small Business Tax

Self -employment income is reported on T1 General Tax Return and it may be earned from the business you operate as a sole proprietor or in partnership with some one. You can deduct reasonable current expenses incurred to earn the business income and CCA on capital property, vehicle expenses, and home office expenses. We provide free consultation for new business start up, registering business, help getting HST, Payroll and WSIB numbers.

About Us

Devis Tax Service is a leading tax preparation firm in Toronto.

We prepare from very basic to most complicated tax returns every year. Our qualified staff will claim every deduction legally possible to save you every penny you deserve. We measure our success by client satisfaction and we take pride in it. Most of our new business comes through referrals from existing satisfied clients because we take care of client’s interest first.


Sabih U

Found Devis to be an incredible tax consultant. Very knowledgeable and quite personable. He was able to get me some incredible tax returns for me. I look forward to filing again with him next year.


I have used Devis Tax for several years now for my small business taxes. They are so quick, pleasant and affordable. They are great. I highly recommend them.

Arif Nizami

This is our third year working with Devis Tax. We take our personal and small business taxes there and couldn't be more pleased. Very knowledgable, efficient and have recommended to several friends.

Dominik Loncar

I have been with Devis since 1998. The advice I get is worth its weight in gold. A knowledgeable tax/accountant professional is a must for anyone. Highly recommended.

Miranda JL

Devis Tax Service has been doing my personal and small business taxes for the past 8 years. I am very satisfied with their professionalism and knowledge that they have. They always answer any questions and concerns I have promptly. I feel very confident in recommending their services to others.

Juan David Blanco Hernandez

For the last 4 Years I been using DevisTax Service and I always got a very professional an efficient service with a clear explanation of the how, what and why. I totally recommend to companies and people in general DevisTax's Service.

J Neundorf

I had 10+ years of personal tax to file. So I did my due diligence & researched available tax services in Scarborough. Devis Tax Service kept coming up and the reviews were really good. After placing a call, (which was answered with a LIVE person) was given an appt same day. With files in hand, I arrived and was greeted with complete professionalism and a down-to-business approach. In short, within 72 hrs, 10 years of personal tax files were prepared and ready to file. I am a FIVE STAR referral for Devis Tax Services. Going back next for Devis to help.

Judith Nichols

I've been doing my taxes for the past 3 years by myself. I inadvertently filled out my income tax form online incorrectly for 2012 resulting in the tax department advising me that i owe them over $10,000. I decided to consult a professional - Devis Tax Service Ltd., who corrected same. It took 5 months for the tax department to undo my error and i received a huge refund from the tax department. It turned out that i was also denying myself money as I am not a expert in taxes. Devis Tax Service saved me a bundle and I shall always use this service in the future. Thank you Devis!!!!!

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